Professional independent baseball league offering entertainment and fun things to do for families in Fort Worth, San Angelo, and Harlingen Texas.  This niche of professional baseball is often called "independent minor league baseball" as well.

United League Baseball (ULB) has existed as a standalone professional baseball league or as a division of other professional independent baseball leagues since 2006 with the majority of its teams based in Texas.  

Starting in 2014, ULB intends to showcase new revenue streams and other unique marketing techniques not yet incorporated into the professional minor league sports landscape.  Interested media may contact the league for more information on any or all of these new methods in order to give readers, listeners or viewers unique and compelling content.

Thank you for your interest in United League Baseball and we look forward to providing you with unique content and with providing our fans an enjoyable, family-friendly entertainment alternative when looking for things to do in Fort Worth, San Angelo, Harlingen and every other city in which ULB plays its games.