Unite's mission is to help the Church make the biggest collective impact on Greater Dallas that we can. We do that by:
- CONVENING diverse churches & Christians.
- FOCUSING their attention on the most critical needs of the city.
- EQUIPPING them to make the biggest difference possible.
- MEASURING the Church's impact.
- REPRESENTING the Church in city-wide conversations.
- TELLING THE STORY of what God is doing in the city.

We have relationships with over 500 churches and nonprofits as well as leaders in every other domain including city government, schools, healthcare, business, and media. We are working with broader coalitions to not only bring more people and organizations to the table, but we're also holding the Church accountable for doing our part.

Our goal is city transformation, and we won't be satisfied with anything less. With one of the highest and fastest growing poverty rates in the country, we have a lot of work to do.

Our 2015 signature initiative called Hope for Every Child is a campaign to help more churches and volunteers effectively serve low-income public schools. In many of these schools, less than 10% of students are on track for successfully entering college. There are currently 200 public schools with at least one church partner, but there are over 500 priority schools to go. With over 2,500 churches yet to engage, we know great things are ahead.

Unite is one of over 250 such organizations known in cities around the globe. God is doing something amazing right now: bringing the Church together to serve the cities of the world. We believe He intends cities to be a place where people can flourish, but it will take all of us pulling in the same direction to see that happen!