Universal Vision & Research is proud to be the organizer of Professor Majid M. Naini's programs throughout the world. Wherever Dr. Naini talks, everyone is amazed by his electrifying and mesmerizing rendition of Rumi’s poetry and his ability to explain the most complex subjects in simple terms.  Many members of Dr. Naini’s audiences have commented that he “radiates warmth and love and Rumi’s spirit moves within him” and they have been “transformed by his talks.”  Professor Naini’s extraordinary gifts are perhaps described best by a recent workshop participant in UCLA who stated, "The depth of his knowledge of Molana's (Rumi's) poetry and his ability to recite a poem appropriate to the subject on the fly and then accurately translate it into English, is unparalleled."  In these turbulent times, it is wonderful to hear someone so passionately and eloquently speak of love and peace.