One Vendor - One Solution for Distribution, Retail, Rental, & Service
For over 19 years, Universal Accounting Software has been a valuable “management partner” for thousands of users involved in sales, distribution, service and repair, and rental operations.  In today’s competitive market, success depends on being responsive to your customers in every aspect of your business – from the moment a customer inquires about a product through order entry right down to post-delivery customer service and future marketing.  Universal Accounting Software equips you with the edge you need to dominate your competition.

No “patchwork” software here.  Rather than tacking on third-party products to handle retail, service or rental, Universal is the developer of all modules, providing  seamless module integration and the highest level of technical services because we know our products inside and out.

Taking your business to the next level depends on progressive software.  In today’s extremely demanding business environment, business development is not an option; it is a key to survival. Access to business intelligence is critical. Your enterprise system must provide the tools to help you control your processes and maximize your growth.  It must handle your business activities today and be equipped to respond to your changing activities tomorrow.  Universal Accounting Software has done just that for thousands of users and we can help you.  Our progressive technology and client responsiveness are unparalleled.

It’s not just about the software.  It’s also about a smooth implementation, thorough training, and reliable ongoing support service.  Universal Accounting Software has built its reputation by consistently achieving its primary goal:  To ensure that each software system sold results in a successful installation and implementation and to provide reliable ongoing support.  This objective demands that we provide superior technical support service.  Our outstanding client retention record attests to the fact that we continuously achieve our goal.  

Universal Accounting Software technology delivers peak performance, enhanced data integrity and an abundance of features that can make your staff more efficient than ever.  But our reputation is based on far more than simply offering solid software.  We provide a complete range of professional services including workflow analysis, implementation planning, data conversion, flexible training options and dependable technical service.  

Modules available:  Sales Order, Point of Sale, Rental Control, Work Order Processing, Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Bill of Materials, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation,  Web Order Download, EDI.

Universal is different from other products. But don’t take our word for it.  We invite you to take a look at Universal Accounting Software’s newest product, Universal Enterprise Management Software Version 11.0, to see what sets us apart from our peers.  For information, please visit www.u-a-s.com or call (800) 536-1633 or (201) 313-0040 Ext. 1.  We can send product literature and schedule an interactive web demonstration.