Vantix Ltd is the developer of Vantix™, a unique biosensor platform technology that can be used to improve the performance and delivery of a wide range of existing tests. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sensortec Group, with a unique patent-protected technology that has been well proven across a range of assays. The production of its Vantix™ biosensors can be scaled to meet the highest manufacturing volume needed.

In 1999 Dr Jeremy Clapp presented the Sensortec technology to Scientific Generics, now Sagentia. Dr Duncan Purvis, a project manager at the former Scientific Generics saw the potential of this emerging technology. The technology development and management were undertaken and funded by Scientific Generics, and led by Duncan. Sensortec, comprising the original Russian inventors and the technology, rented laboratory space within Scientific Generics to aid development.

The Sensortec team grew and the technology was developed to become a commercially viable biosensor.

Sensortec created Vantix Ltd (formerly Universal Sensors Ltd) in October 2003 after a significant funding round and moved out of Scientific Generics to a dedicated laboratory at Abbey Barns.

The technology uses an electronic sensor to detect pathogens, biomarkers, medicines or toxins in biological samples. Its novel approach measures voltage rather than colour to determine the presence and quantity of the substance being measured. This technology generates results more quickly and with greater accuracy than traditional methods.

In 2007 the clinical diagnostics company DxTech licensed the technology for human and veterinary diagnostics. This investment financed a series of feasibility studies, which proved that the technique was robust, reproducible and accurate.

Vantix Ltd also developed enzymatic assays with complex samples such as whole blood, which overcome many of the issues inherent in colorimetric, fluorescence and acoustic assays.

Following asset acquisition of DxTech in 2010, Vantix Ltd is now well placed to commercialise its technology for human point-of-use diagnostics and veterinary diagnostics, and is currently talking to partners and end-users about further development and exploitation of its platforms and sensors.

Sensitive, fast and versatile – moving tests out of the laboratory.

Vantix Ltd is a Sensortec company.