It Is Our Mission To Educate The World About Love & Relationships
We are an online social network with an in-depth interactive course (launched in Feb 2016) that assists individuals to go on a deep personal journey to heal their own hearts and live more joyous lives.

It is our aim to provide humanity with a foundational support system when it comes to matters of the heart. We are a community of love bees, pollinating a new vibration to the planet!

It is our aim to reach one billion people in 10 years, which will include translation to over 40 different languages, and a set up of a new network for teenagers to learn about our teachings.

“On the collective level, the deep wounds of the human heart have lead to misunderstanding, miscommunication, separation, divorce, dissension, division, ecological disaster, economic injustice, overzealous greed, war, fear, famine, poverty, the objectification of women, and the suppression of emotional vulnerability in men."

"I personally believe all of this can be overcome with a new worldwide education about love and intimacy. By raising our inner self awareness and consciousness about love and intimacy we begin to see who we really are and start to take our power back. Our vision is to reach one billion people with our social network and transformative interactive course within the next 10 years."

Stephen James Burford. Founder, ULS.

Through the ULS course and the support of our expert coaches we take you through the transformative journey of:
- Healing the division and separation between men and women

- Upgrading your self love and self acceptance

- Teaching you conscious heart to heart communication

- Teaching you integrity and unconditional love

- Teaching you deep emotional awareness and self responsiblity

- Healing any shame you have around your intimate life

And much, much more...

Our Book That Accompanies The Course - Collapsing The 9 Love Struggles: A Practical Guide To Transform Relationships & Elevate Love
The course is accompanied by our award winning book (published September 2015). A free digital copy is given to you when you start the course. It is also available in paperback via Amazon.