The Unknown Breakup began as a breakup journal in 2011 and gathered momentum over the years as it formed a community of like minded dumpers and dumpees.

The aim of this company is to provide free, no nonsense relationship advice to those who need it. With the stated goal of shredding elements of false hope and denial.

The Unknown project is push back against the sea of magic bullets and voodoo that typical marketing ploys have injected into the breakup landscape. As such, the Unknown offers no ebooks or all-in-one solutions. Feedback and resolution depend on the unique makeup of everyone's own issues.

In 2019 The Unknown Breakup expanded from solely a blog to a targeted relationship counseling platform. The service takes a more modern approach than traditional face-to-face counseling, offering anonymity and instant feedback with a vastly reduced pricing scheme to compensate for its hands off nature.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to explore our services, free and otherwise.