The Relational Marketer, Founded by Author, Speaker, Book Publishing Expert, Brand Marketing Strategist, Emma Tiebens, enables entrepreneurs, experts and high-level executives to unleash their books from within and leverage that as their global platform.  

She enables virtually anyone to ATTRACT their ideal client, CONNECT at the heart, TRANSFORM themselves into a trusted authority.  

Ever imagined a gift that you have always had inside you?  A gift that will enable you to create a presence that is visible, influential and profitable?  A gift that will bring you a level of respect dignity and appreciation you may have never experienced before nor even thought possible.  A gift that will enable you to live your legacy now.

What's that gift?  It's your very own book!  Emma's gift is to help you unleash your book within.  She has done it many times for clients. Clients like Luxury Custom Intuitive Perfumer, JoAnne Bassett who implemented Emma's processes and was able to write her book in 7 days and within 7 hours of its release, became a bestseller!

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, professional, expert or high-level executive, you need a book! But not just any book - a book that you can leverage to promote your brand, produce and package your products, systems and service and launch your global speaking platform.  

Relational Marketing is all about engagement - it's about being understood, appreciated, admired, creating a following because of the value you bring to the marketplace.  Zig Ziglar's wisdom still rings true to this day, "People don't know how much you know until they know how much you care..."  Having your own book positions you as someone who cares.

For immediate access to 3 Free Videos on Why You Must Write Your Book Now, please go to http://www.UnleashYourBookFromWithin.com or Text your name and email to 714-421-4411.  To read Emma's articles and connect with her, please go to www.TheRelationalMarketer.com.