When you think about strong authentication, in most cases you will instantly picture the entire tedious road of setting up and validating strong passwords, hacking system rules designed to help you add a password that you can eventually remember and, nonetheless, activating two-factor authentication. Just the exercise of drawing that in your mind is exhausting. It makes you give up and, if it’s not a service that you really need, you might just do that. In fact, according to some studies, nearly 80% of millennials agree that the most important thing when setting up a new password is how easy it will be to remember it. Thus, it comes as no surprise that 60% of the online population repeat their passwords. At the speed at which we are creating new online accounts, the current authentication paradigm becomes impractical.

From the very beginning, our goal was to develop a ‘stronger than passwords’ authentication system that’s extremely easy to use, a system that can work across devices, provided at a reasonable price so that everyone can afford it.

UNLOQ comes in the shape of a widget, which you can easily embed into your site, and a companion mobile app that your users will need, in order to authenticate. The default authentication mechanism is a multi-factor system that uses out of band communication to authenticate a user. After a user has registered with UNLOQ (downloaded the app and created a profile), he will only have to click the UNLOQ button and, in a fraction of a second, he will receive a push notification on his mobile phone, asking the user to approve or deny the authentication request. To prevent spam, each user will be asked to verify his/her identity when sending their first authentication request from a browser. For the first authentication request, the user will receive a notification asking for a time-based one time password that they can find in the app.