(A global music publishing and songwriting venture)

The songs you hear at Upbeat Song Works will have unique themes and concepts behind them.
The Songs will Comprise:
- Tributes;
- Compelling storylines;
- Special Events
- Anthems
Characteristics of the Songs Will Be:
·         Positive vibes;
·         Fun;
·         Energetic;
Ultimately, we want listeners to walk away with a positive outlook and good frame of mind after hearing one of our tunes. We aim to contribute to the richness and fullness of your listening experience. Whether that is to:
-  Through the power of song, feel better about a life situation…i.e. more positive about the predicament you may find yourself in at the time. After a listening, we want you to be able to face the day a little more spirited and upbeat;
-  Enhance an event you may be taking part in as a participant or as a fan;