Based in Sarasota, Florida, UPG America is a nationwide estate planning assistance provider. Along with our affiliates, we service more than 40,000 customers throughout a twenty-two state region spanning from Florida to the Pacific Northwest.  

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the most efficient, cost-effective means possible for both asset preservation and distribution. The foundation of our process is educating you on the various options for planning your estate. We assist by facilitating the process for you, utilizing a vast network of industry and legal professionals. Once complete, you can rest assured that our service commitment to both you and your family will last a lifetime.

Ultimately, a well-designed, properly-executed estate plan means more for your children and grandchildren and less for often avoidable delays, taxes and other expenses.

To find out more about UPG America, visit our corporate site at www.upgamerica.com.