We launched UpMo in 2008 to tackle an issue that remains top-of-mind today: how to give people career control through a Web 2.0 consumer application. We started by offering "the science behind career success," which helped individual professionals find their career paths through a consumer-facing solution.

Today, after learning from tens of thousands of incredible users, UpMo is squarely focused on offering the industry's first employee-centric enterprise career management solution-to emerging and large corporations. By helping people plan, pursue and manage their careers in a way that benefits both them and their companies, our SaaS solution helps you embrace employee mobility to dramatically increase productivity, reduce employee churn, and improve engagement. Ultimately, our customers will be more profitable and grow faster.

By using UpMo products to embrace employee mobility desires, your company can invigorate its talent strategy in a way that positively impacts business goals. Fill open positions faster and more successfully with proven internal talent. Fuel motivation. Get employees solving tough business problems through social ideation. Fill the long-term leadership pipeline by tying employee skills and aspirations with succession strategies at all levels of your organization. Finally!
UpMo Guiding Principles

From our founding and as UpMo continues to evolve, these principles guide us:

Employees Rule!
Our fundamental premise is that if your company is a great place to work, then employees will stick. So, we start there-by enabling employees to work on things that ignite their passions, match their interests and develop skills that make them more valuable to you. Even better, give those employees a desirable plan for their future within your company, and let them connect with people from whom they can learn and grow.

Intelligent. We spend a lot of time not only making sure your employees get a lot of value from our patent-pending engine, but also focusing on analytics that inform your business decisions.

Dynamic. Our solutions are built by the best and brightest from both enterprise and consumer web backgrounds. This makes a difference-your employees will love UpMo! Our mission today is to usher in an era in which employees and their companies enjoy transparent, fair, accountable and mutually beneficial relationships that fuel shared success.

Our Newest SaaS Solution is Career Mobilizer:
UpMo Career Mobilizer is a secure SaaS solution that puts employees at the center of creating motivating careers within your company. By matching employee desires for career growth with internal job, project and connection opportunities, the Career Mobilizer tightens the link between what employees want and what the company needs. The result is positive internal mobility that spurs motivation and productivity and keeps more of your essential talent in-house.
UpMo Career Mobilizer is designed for fast adoption and high value results.

   * The intelligent matching process is enriched by patent-pending technology, and social networking capabilities that directly support each person's internal career development.
   * The Web 2.0 user experience is great for employees to use and easy for HRIT to implement.
   * Integration with your existing ATS system prevents extra work and ensures that employee and opportunity data is current and accurate.

What can I do with UpMo Career Mobilizer?

UpMo Career Mobilizer helps talent strategists tune in to what employees want and act on it.

Embrace employee interest in job change to place them in a new, rewarding position before external recruiters do. The Mobilizer equips those with a stake in employee success-you, managers, and employees themselves-to realize career aspirations through internal opportunities.

Facilitate meaningful connections that help people engage. People like to work where they're known and with people they like. UpMo Dream Team functionality builds high-value internal networks that offer advice and mentorship, and help employees ideate solutions to critical business challenges that impact their work.

Empower managers to leverage talent across the organization. By defining short-term engagements that map to employee growth interests as well as company priorities, managers get visibility into people across the organization that have the skills and desire to take on an upcoming opening or project.

Equip your talent strategists with tools to proactively source from within and intelligence to improve retention while building a long-term leadership pipeline.