The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is a Pro Development league with goals and objectives to grow the UPSL into a national promotion-relegation (Div 1- Div 2 - Div 3) league nationally. Our goals include growing the game in your local community. The UPSL provides local athletes who have a passion for the game of soccer to play in their local markets and showcase their skills.

The UPSL is designed and structured to grow the sport and build the game in the United States on both a professional and amateur basis. The league is a showcase league for players to display their skills as players so they can reach higher levels including MLS and or playing abroad.

We are officially affiliated with both Cal South and the United States Adult Soccer Association. The USPL currently has 50 plus teams across the Western US with a projected 60 teams in 2017. The league is focused on league sponsorship's to grow the league as our model is to supports our team members both on the operations and sponsorship side. The UPSL runs two season in a twelve month period, February through June and a Aug through December.