Welcome to Upstate Design Studio! Based in Lockport, NY Upstate Design Studio is your one solution to all of your Small Business design needs. With our simple and elegant style we custom tailor solutions that work for you and your Business. We offer a wide range of design services, including Web design, Logo Design, Business Card Design, and Video Production. If you need it we do it. Contact Us for a free quote for your design solutions.

     We started up to give small businesses one place where they can get any and all of their design needs taken care of.  Our focus on small business means that we offer more one on one customer service than any "Build your own business site" or "Make your own Business Card" place could every hope to give you. Our Websites are custom built to serve your needs, our Logos are designed to capture the essence of your business to make that great first impression, everything we do is focused on you and your business.

What makes Upstate Design Studio different than everyone else?

The simple answer is we simply have better customer service than our competition. The biggest problem we hear from new clients that transfer to us is the lack of availability from the other businesses. We are available to take your call all hours of the day, every day. If your website updates on a Sunday bet your bottom dollar it will be up before Monday. Whether it’s 9pm, lunch time, or even 4am we will happily take your call.

The more complex answer is based on how our company works and what we offer. We offer everything your business needs from Logos to Business cards, Flyers to Websites and anything else you need a designer’s eye for. This creates a unique union for all of your design elements for the business. Your business cards use the same color scheme as you Logo, the header of your flyers looks similar to the header on your website. This creates not only a unified theme for all of your design elements but it creates a comprehensive branding scheme that makes your brand easily recognizable just by color or logo. When everything looks unified people are more likely to remember your business no matter where they see it, and getting people to remember you is half the battle. Why would you hire one company to create a Logo, another to make your business cards, and yet another to build your website? Not only do we create comprehensive business brands but we do it for less than getting everything separately. We can bundle everything together for your business to reduce our costs and reduce your price. Saving money is always better than spending it.