Uptown brings development and change to the Music Industry through constant Innovation. Today┬┤s Entertainment requires persistence and tenacity. We include the highest levels of creativity through our European network of Industry Professionals in all that we do for you. At Uptown Europe we will provide you with professional career handling.

As an artist you need to focus on making music and not the details which will get you published and heard across the globe. We take your career goals very serious and understand the hurdles which each and every musician, song writer, producer and deejay must endure while trying to build a fanbase and get the hear of the major record labels.
Since 2007 we have successfully represented UPTOWN Artists to reach their European fanbase. Organizing studio time, sponsorships, features, fanbase development, characterization, press releases in several global languages and more. Send us your links and lets talk. With the ever changing Entertainment Industry we help you get onto the cover of magazines, get heard on the radio, assist with marketing and promotion and obtaining the sometimes all elusive interview with musical celebs.
In the past two years we have worked on several Film Documentaries with great success. If you have a project that needs more creativity or just an outside non-bias eye then we can help. Our Project mangers have a wide range of entertainment expertise. We are continuing our search for new and innovative processes to help you better understand and benefit from your hard work in building your music career or business. The future holds many obstacles but Uptown Europe can help reduce time, energy and finances to reach your bottom-line.