Marketing Automation: The smart way to market your business.

We offer automated internet marketing packages with a powerful all-in-one approach that will capture leads and help you convert traffic into sales automatically. We enhance every marketing dollar you have in the market, and maximize the results by working smarter rather than harder.

Technical Explanation: Automated marketing explained in techy terms.

We use the APIs of social networks, the cookies websites stuff in your browser, and extract the information of almost every visitor. We can snag data like names, company name, social links, and where they go on the website. Once we have this data we can add everything to your CRM. These visitors are also put into drip email campaigns via what actions they take on your website. If your visitor hits a particular product page on your website or landing page, they will get a schedule of emails about that product, case studies, and what ever else we think to send them. Each lead now is in your CRM and is assigned points based on the actions the users take on your website. This lets you know which lead is hot, and which is a waste of resources. So only the hot leads get the drip campaigns, or can be assigned to a sales rep to be contacted.