The Urban Art Monkey Mission:

Art is meant to liberate you. To set your mind, body, and spirit free. We are too often trapped in a world of boring art on plain walls where everyone’s house looks the same. Where department stores trick you into overpaying for something that everyone and their mother now has, only for it to go out of style.

We are different. We encourage you to paint that wall red, or black. We encourage change, and liberation. We are not animals, to be sentenced to a caged life.

Break free and immerse yourself in color. Our hope is, that through art, there will be no bad days. People will realize that they can do anything. Don’t put off your dreams any longer. Live your life. Travel. Find what really makes you happy. That’s what we do.

We like giving back. It feels good. That is why 10% of all proceeds are donated to charity, to help local animal shelters and fund animal rescue missions for natural disasters.