Greece has been in the center of worldwide interest during the last few months. A lot of the publicity is negative portraying Greeks as being lazy. An image of young Greeks doing nothing and asking for a bailout is promoted throughout some of the international press.

Urban Owl aims to present the other side of the story, that of young entrepreneurs striving to make a difference. Held down by the economic crisis seeking for alternative ways to evolve. With ambitious projects, innovative ideas and hard work.

This campaign is all about that. Manufacturing handcrafted sunglasses exclusively in Greece using materials of the highest standards with exceptional quality and craftsmanship, combined with a unique lens providing an experience like no other.

Urban Owl sunglasses's lens is one of a kind the combination of its special tint with the blue light control filters has a profound effect on the image quality. The difference compared to mainstream lenses is immediately noticed.

By supporting us you get the best pair of sunglasses you will ever wear and at the same time you become a part of our effort to uphold the productive side of Greece, in the most direct way.