Urban Tez is a limited collection of edgy, high-end, handmade lingerie by designer Jimmy Coletti.  Urban Tez formed in July 2006 and launched its website March 2009.  Coletti has strategically begun his product launch, marketing to a global marketplace, and by placing products into select boutiques around the world.  Urban Tez is neither out-sourced or mass-produced, but proudly handmade in America, one piece at a time.

About the Designer
Jimmy Coletti was born in San Francisco from parents of European decent who often struggled to provide a modest living.  His father was never a 'company man', but did whatever necessary to provide for his family.  Being an entrepreneur at heart, his father was passionate about exploring new business ventures and encouraged his children to do the same.  Coletti recalls even as a child that his father's advice was "it's better to chase a dream than to live a nightmare."

Although Coletti had no formal education in fashion, he always had an eye for art, beautiful women, and the finer things in life.  With strong determination and his love of minimalistic concepts and designs, Coletti set forth to combine art and fashion using the female form as his canvas.   Being inspired by the energy and glamour of new cities he had visited, his creations would become a union of urban life fused with the elements and emotions that provoked his creative, innermost being.