URL Integration is an award-winning IT consulting company providing top-quality strategic planning, analysis, exchange architecture, and system integration services to justice and public safety agencies. Our goal is to improve cross-agency collaboration and business performance by establishing real-time information exchanges between disparate systems and automating the electronic flow and exchange of critical information and communications.

Our motto, “Your Partner in Information Exchange,” is more than just a tagline; it embodies the true spirit of URL. We become part of your team and help you to drive business value, achieve a sustainable return on investment, and enhance the decision making process based on shared, timely, and accurate information.

We are 100% committed to understanding the unique complexities of your business processes and information sharing and turning it into a more efficient, predictable, and automated process. We employ talented minds who advocate and apply emerging technologies, proven methodologies, justice standards, and industry best practices. We understand the intricacies of information sharing and how to overcome the technical, business, and political obstacles that can hinder the process.

With our proven ability to translate words into action and plans into reality, we enable public safety and justice agencies to formulate fair and responsible decisions based on shared, timely, and accurate information. This is our business. We know it and live it – day in and day out.