At USA Running Coach we understand that people run for different reasons and have different goals they want to accomplish. Our mission is to help others accomplish their goals with running, whatever those goals may be. Because a one-size fits all approach to coaching running is not effective, our approach is to first understand your experience as a runner and what you are trying to accomplish. Based on this information, we will formulate a coaching plan specifically for you. Our clients range from children in elementary and middle school to high school and college athletes to adults of all ages.

USA Running Coach offers the following services:
-Working with children and teenagers to improve running form, agility and speed to help elevate performance in other sports such as soccer, football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, and other sports.
-Introducing children to the sport of running. Helping children to develop proper running form. Making the sport of running fun for children.
-Introducing middle school and high school student athletes to the competitive sport of running. Helping these student athletes achieve their full potential as runners.
-Working with high school and college student athletes in helping them to be more competitive and to achieve a higher level of performance. This form of coaching can be focused on helping the student athlete to be in a  better position to earn a scholarship.
-Introducing adults to the sport of running, emphasizing proper form and technique.
-Working with adults involved in competitive running. Helping them to be more competitive and to elevate their performance.
-Examples of the types of competitions our adult clients are involved in:
-Running races which include 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, marathons and others.
-Masters Track Meets

Our coaching sessions and plans can be provided for both individuals and groups. Please call us at 609-953-1906 so we can discuss a specific service offering that works for you.