Founded in 1989, Carlile Designs rose from obscurity to national attention in the hunting industry.  The company created and brought to market the world’s first photo-realistic camouflage pattern in 1989.  That camouflage pattern was called TimberGhost™.  Hundreds of hunting products bearing the pattern were sold through major retailers such as Wal-Mart®, Cabela’s®, and Gander Mountain®.

In 1992, Carlile followed up the success of TimberGhost™ with TimberGhost™ Fall.  As word of the new design spread throughout the industry, licensees lined up to secure rights to use the pattern. Ultimately, Fall was distributed exclusively through Cabela’s®.

In 1995, Carlile presented his next creation, SNIPER™ Camouflage to Jim Crumley of Trebark® fame.  Jim is the “grandfather of camo” as he was first to offer a non-military camo pattern to the hunting industry.

Upon seeing SNIPER™, Crumley offered to partner with Carlile on the commercial rollout of the product.  Trebark® SNIPER products were marketed and distributed through Cabela’s® and KMart®.

In the Fall of 2011, Carlile approached Cabela’s with his ZONZ concept.  The concept was accepted, developed and unveiled in the Fall of 2013.

Also, in the Fall of 2013, Carlile unveiled his latest brand, US CAMO™.