Master today’s internet driven used auto business with Used Car College. Learn in our 5 day apprentice program: How To Make Money With Cars, Master High-Tech Auto Trading. Earn both your MBA Online - Masters in Buying Autos Online and your MSA Online -  Masters in Selling Autos Online, all in 5 days at Used Car College. Master technology in our apprentice program for your own high technology yet low overhead, Independent Used Vehicle Dealership.
The Charlotte area’s newest fast track entrepreneurs’ business program, Used Car College focuses on modern competitive methods of starting, owning and leading any global new age Used Auto Dealership now.
   We offer people a useful career alternative education. Instead of a franchise or a business opportunity with rules and fees, learn how to do it on your own from professionals in the business.. Today’s smaller smarter Used Car Dealers run sophisticated internet driven businesses. Stock Market type trading daily, scheduled appointments, an exciting place to buy and sell cars... all controlled by technology and you. Every operation requires research, planning, watching, evaluating, taking action and dealing with clients both locally and internationally. Only our apprenticeship teaches you how to compete in today’s used auto marketplace, without any high pressure sales. Going to work in a field you love can be a sheer pleasure.
   In How To Make Money With Cars, Master High-tech Auto Trading, you will learn unique cutting-edge dealership techniques with our experienced professional faculty to be able to intelligently buy and sell for any licensed internet driven auto dealership. Experience the excitement and what it takes to owner operate or manage, as a dabbler, investor or a lifestyle dealer in this 21st century used vehicle dealership world. Obtain skills necessary to have fun and succeed at work. Then on your own or for any dealer, you can start full or part time to enjoy life as a Used Car College certified Master High-Tech Auto Trader.