UseMyBenefits.com is a resource for members to find the hidden values, discounts, and benefits in their loyalty and rewards programs as well as other groups and associations. Find all your benefits in one place and start taking advantage of them.

Did you know that the average American household is enrolled in 18 loyalty/rewards programs?

A number of different types of companies now offer rewards for being a member or a customer. This can range from insurance companies, to the obvious frequent flier programs, to your local alumni association.

With so many benefits and discounts available to you, it can be difficult to navigate and find the discount you need when you're looking for it. That's what UseMyBenefits.com can help you with.

UseMyBenefits.com is currently in development and once it is live you will be able to aggregate all your groups and associations in one place and search for your discounts and benefits. UseMyBenefits.com will aggregate your benefits for you making it easier for you to access your benefits, use your discounts and save money.