Are you a chocoholic? Love the pasta? Do you have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit? Or, would you rather fake an injury than go to the gym? Let’s face it - life is just too short to suffer any more than we need to.

But what if you can learn to embrace the motivating factors that cause you to keep your bad habits and direct them toward positive, healthy lifestyle changes that will guarantee your weight loss success?

What if you can turn your vice into a virtue? It’s a no brainer!
You’ll never have a better bad influence than healthcare and nutrition expert Dr. Brian Scott.

His unique new program, Use Your Bad Habits to Lose Weight, introduces a groundbreaking approach to weight loss to transform the lives of even the most hopeless lazy, fast food junkie. Keep the bad habit, just change the way you express it!

“This unique weight loss process outlines for the reader how to discover their true motivation necessary to achieve their personal weight loss goals,” says Dr. Scott. “Revealed in your bad habits are the triggers necessary to produce confidence, certainty and comfort, which are key to creating permanent good habits.”

Fad, rollercoaster and membership diets don’t work because we love our bad habits and don't want to give them up. So EMBRACE them!  By understanding the reasons why you developed your bad habits you can benefit from them. It doesn’t take tremendous will power to get what you want; it requires a simple understanding of your thought process.

We all know that dieting is painful because it requires control, restraint and will power. Our brains are wired to seek pleasure, and there just isn’t any pleasure in giving up our favorite comfort foods. Bad habits are developed because they fulfill an immediate need. Unfortunately they keep many of us overweight, lazy and unmotivated.

In, Use Your Habits To Lose Weight, Dr. Scott will teach you how to make the boring good habits into exciting bad habits and develop a lifestyle that makes you thin. You will learn how to identify your target weight and develop a method not only to get there, but effortlessly stay thin forever! Any fears that may be acting as silent roadblocks to your weight loss will be identified and eliminated with three bulletproof fear busting techniques.

It’s not difficult to get what you want. You just need to realize that your brain has been creating fat forming lifestyle choices for a very good reason. Understanding why you subconsciously make these choices will set you free once and for all.
Use Your Habits To Lose Weight - It’s your time to create the body you want.

Dr. Brian Scott has been a healthcare provider for over 25 years and is an expert on nutrition, weight loss, the treatment and prevention of diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. He is the author and creator of Use Your Bad Habits to Lose Weight book and Use Your Bad Habits Weight Loss Intensive Program. He has also recently released the Use Your Bad Habits to Stop Diabetes Intensive Program and the Use Your Bad Habits to Stop Peripheral Neuropathy Intensive Program. His audiences range from Fortune 500 companies to community outreach forums. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.
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