USKC a Reston, VA based martial arts school founded in 1983 by Master John Thomas, former U.S. national full-contact and open-sparring champion and a world record holder in board breaking. The school promotes and teaches no-nonsense and effective method of practical self-defense to adults and through no-holds-bared grappling program as well as a traditional martial arts program.

Master Thomas combines a unique combination of strategies and techniques from various martial art styles he learned, practiced and taught over 30 years. Designed with the core principles of CONTROL, HONOR & DISCIPLINE, the program help students build the confidence, skills and strength to protect them from an attacker both physically and psychologically. These training and knowledge including effective use of pressure points that enable a smaller potential victim to prevail over a lager and stronger attacker. The curriculum not only focuses on self-defense, but also on the holistic approach of wellness and self discipline for adults and children alike.

In addition to martial arts training, United States Karate Center offers seminars/workshops, Media/TV shows. It’s 11th season of the award winning Television series Defend Yourself airs both on Cox Cable in Reston Channel 28 and Fairfax Cables Channel 10 and. Each show focus on a specific martial arts topic that cover stand up aggression, grappling, weapons and realistic and effective holds to defend yourself in situations where reasoning has failed. Private trainings on specific areas are provided to organizations such as Law Enforcement Agencies and Real Estate Agents.

From early on USKC has been actively involved in community services. Over the period have organized number of seminars/workshops to raise funds for victims of domestic violence.  Instituted scholarship program to provide free lessons to children who have been removed from their homes due to violence or abuse.