USNETSERVE INC, IS A LEADING DEVELOPER OF CELLULAR SOLUTIONS WITH TELES, AG BERLIN.  It offers the first multi-channel cellular gateway in North America, the aGate by Teles, to be compliant with Avaya AuraTM and with key telephony and mobility solutions from Avaya, a leading global provider of business communications applications, systems and services. Enterprise communications now depend on cell phone use more than ever. Avaya Aura links the cell phone with voice infrastructure.

The new aGate helps in two new ways: to save money on enterprise cellular phone bills and to protect voice communications from wireline and VOIP service loss.
This technology unlocks the wireless carrier’s lowest rate plans for use with Avaya Aura. Customer can also depend on the wireless carrier to help failover voice calls when the wireline or VOIP service is down.

The aGate is a multichannel cellular gateway, which routes calls wirelessly to and
from the corporate voice switch, over one or more cellular networks. The technology is a
new trunking option which augments wireline trunks. The aGate is compliant with FCC
regulations and is approved for use with GSM cellular networks in North America.