We specialize in stadiums bathrooms our coating eliminates urine smells all together. From Tile, Concrete,Roofs,Marble,Showers, Locker Rooms, Our Organic coating leaves a positivity charge substrate once coated. Therefore Mold Mildew and other germs can not grow the are neutralized coated substrate instantly it begins to die. We even have proof now that it has cut out fungus from feet from gym bathrooms. It keeps tile bathroom looking new and non slipper.y With our coatings we take pride in installing them. It is a process to install and must be done professionally U.S. Sealing is the number one company that started this 20 yrs ago. But the one thing other companies they lack is the expertise that comes with years of experience. With us being the founding fathers of this coating we know and tell you the truth of what will work and we answer the hard questions! Feel free to ask any of our customers they will answer your call with open arms because we did it right for them and we will do it right for you. I guarantee it.9185307802 William Meyer