USuggest It is the World’s Suggestion Box.

For consumers and customers, USuggest It is the place where people voice their ideas to brands to improve on existing products, suggest new uses for existing products and propose new products they could buy. A suggestion is simply imagination at work, an idea, written, saved and sent direct to the person responsible. People can use their moment of inspiration from their smartphones when they are in the store, or wherever and whenever the idea comes to them. They can share their suggestions on social media, so others can see and like them. We give customers a voice, and brands an ear to listen.

For brand managers, SuggestionLab is the place where they can listen to changing customer preferences, written in their own words and shared on social media so others can vote on them with likes. SuggestionLab delivers customer-created, direct data, aimed squarely at improving the product, service and brand. Suggestions are signals to buy. Without them brands don’t necessarily know what their customers want. That risks product misfires, lost time, effort and profitability. Its easy to know what customers have bought. We help brands find out what customers want to buy next.