We went shopping one day for a mattress at a regular retail store. When we saw how much a name brand mattress would cost, we thought, "THERE IS NO WAY WE ARE GOING TO PAY THAT MUCH!" So we shopped harder...and found a location that sold name brand mattresses for a fraction of the price! The name brand mattress we bought only had a small cosmetic scuff on the edge and we saved over $1000 from what the retail store would have charged.

"Not only did we buy the mattress—we bought the business and brought it to Utah!"

. . .

Our mission is to bring high quality name brand mattresses to the people of Utah for a fraction of the cost in retail stores.

So if you are like us and don't need all the frills of the retail locations and want good quality and service for a great price, come see us at Utah Mattress Outlet.