In 2018, this mother-daughter entrepreneur duo set out across the globe to Singapore. The adventure was sparked by an introduction to the founders of V10 —Akiko and Eddy—from a mutual friend. Their goal was to learn first-hand the secrets of natural Japanese beauty and test V10 Plus skincare products.

The Japanese belief in prevention through natural methods versus removing or concealing the problems is traditionally represented using rice water to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Knowing there were less than a handful of skincare lines in the US that were "true Japanese products," they knew they had to research and learn everything they could. They spent day and night with the founders, learning the teachings of Japanese beauty standards, V10 products and ingredients, and the superiority of simpler skincare routines where less-is-more. After returning to the States, they spent the following year testing the V10 product line and understanding their mission to unearth the "inner beauty" of women in the United States.