What we do: V12 Group is a direct marketing services firm that helps clients improve their direct marketing results while controlling direct marketing costs.

How we do it: We do this by helping clients determine "who" to market to and "how" to market to them.

The Direct Market Associations estimates getting the "who" and "how" right is 70% of the success equation for direct marketing. This enables our clients to focus on getting the "what to market" right which is their core competence. Working together, our client’s direct marketing problem is solved with one accountable service provider as opposed to coordinating with multiple vendors.

We use the appropriate combination of our seven (7) capability sets to create solutions that address unique client situations.

Consumer Data: Our multi-channel consumer file is one of the direct marketing industries largest with 215 million records and 116 million households that combines postal, email and phone data as well as more than 300 selectors to improve targeting including: Demographic, Geographic, Lifestyle, Interests, behavioral and transactional

Data Append Services

Email Marketing Services

Turnkey Direct Marketing: Multi-channel marketing focused on lead generation or customer acquisition

Modeling & Analytics: Our capabilities in this area are centered around providing incremental marketing insight through Customer Profiles and Response Models

Marketing Database Services

Data Processing (been continuously operating for the past 25 years)