vScaler was orchestrated by a consortium of IT professionals who have recognised the need for a more transparent hybrid approach to cloud computing. While having various discussions with large customers, it became evident that these clients were looking for a product on the market that didn’t actually exist – which was essentially a self service IT resource which allowed transparent migration of workloads to and from external cloud resources. Run a private cloud internally and benefit from being able to leverage public cloud as and when required.

vScaler currently has multiple deployments of its cloud technology for various customers ranging from start-ups, to commercial entities as well as numerous Universities. With the assistance of strategic technology partners, we provide customers from a broad range of verticals such as Broadcast and Media, HPC and Financial services with a dedicated, application specific cloud platform deployed with existing in-house expertise.

At its core, vScaler OS is an integrated and finely-tuned stack that takes the deployment complexity out of OpenStack and manages your entire infrastructure – be it on site as a private cloud appliance, or off premise via our public offering.