The digital platform Vadimecum, designed by the Foundation, aims to efficiently reach everyone by providing accurate information about the appropriate tools for each case, collecting thousands of educational resources and technologies that enhance patient care and reduce the digital divide in families' lives.
Digital technologies have permeated all aspects of our lives, including medicine and health. According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 350,000 digital health technologies available worldwide today. Digital health, a key aspect of the fourth industrial revolution, integrates big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence across all business sectors. Despite its capacity to improve disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, the adoption of new technologies in healthcare has been slower compared to other sectors. Barriers to access to digital health tools include cognitive difficulties, motor problems, concerns about data privacy, and inadequate regulations. The Neurosciences Foundation, aware of these barriers, developed Vadimecum.com to facilitate the identification of tools that adapt to each need, supported by the European Union's Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan – NextGenerationEU.
Vadimecum is presented as a platform that compiles and organizes information amid the boom in teleassistance, allowing patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to access digital health tools for monitoring and personal care. The Foundation team evaluated the tools available in the market, organized them according to expert criteria, and created a search engine to filter according to clinical conditions, payment method, recipient, and intended use, among others. Thus, Vadimecum, as a web and mobile search engine in Spanish and English, provides easy and centralized access to various applications and devices designed for patient monitoring and care. The development team works to ensure its ease of use and the delivery of accurate and up-to-date information.
If you are looking to improve your health with technology, visit the Vadimecum.com website, a platform that goes beyond neurological diseases or psychiatric disorders, expanding to address overall health and adapting to the constant growth of the digital health technology market with diverse functionalities.