The original concept for Vagary.TV came from Ryan Kenward in early 2005. Podcasting had become increasingly popular and Ryan wanted to create a network that felt more personal. He enlisted some of his friends to start creating content and in January of 2006 the first site went live. This incarnation of Vagary only lasted for a little while and due to a changing schedule the project went cold.

In 2008 Ryan decided to start up a new podcast with a friend about gaming. The podcast became successful and Ryan began to re-think Vagary. He soon began recruiting several other podcasts, rebuilding the network. By the end of 2008 Vagary consisted of 4 podcasts.

2009 was a busy year as well, a new site was launched and several new series joined the lineup. By then end of 2009 Vagary was now up to 12 podcasts.

2010 has beyond a doubt been the most productive and interesting year for the site. Many milestones have been reached. First the site began to see increased hits, specifically on the podcasts themselves. Vagary now has somewhere around 50,000 downloads per month. A long way from the few hundred in the previous year. Vagary also saw its first official as the site was granted media passes to three major events, PAX East, E3 and PAX Prime. A new site and new logo were launched before E3 continuing to solidify the network. 2 new podcasts joined the network, while some others were canceled due to low interest. Vagary.TV strives to be a major player in the industry and is dedicated to putting out quality content for the listeners and readers.

Vagary.TV is a sole-proprietorship owned by Ryan Kenward, based in New York state.