Vagobond.com is filled with amazing world travel tips and great features like “How Not to Enjoy World Travel” and “Extraordinary Vagabonds”. Readers of Vagobond share three main focus points:

1) How to travel the world on a limited budget
2) Breaking free of traditional travel stereotypical services (travel agents, tour operators, airline ticket sales, and cruise operators)
3) Getting the most from their travel in terms of seeing new destinations, having new experiences with foreign cultures, foreign cuisine, and foreign citizens

In addition, Vagobond is also read by a large number of readers to follow the adventure of Vago Damitio and his wife as they "walk the walk" of the site in real life.  Two great examples of this kind of content are  “Sunday in…” which will details their Sundays in Turkey and elsewhere plus the historical/casual Manisa Monday where Vago talks about the crazy history of the Turkish town they first traveled to and then moved to.

So, there is a lot going on.

One of the most exciting new features at Vagabond is “The Vagobond Voice” which is the monthly newsletter where readers learn what is happening in the Vago lifestyle, share great travel tips you won’t see anywhere else, and let you know about killer vagabonding places and equipment.

The  “Vago Recommends ” section of the site is travel clothing, travel services, and travel gear personally recommended and tried by Vago. For example, Vago recommends the only hostel booking company that doesn’t charge you a fee. VAgo used them, Vago likes them, Vago recommens them. It’s as easy as that.

Vagobond.com offers both free ebooks focused on travel, culture, and breaking into the Vago lifestyle and free language MP3s. At the moment only two are listed; Arabic and Turkish since those are the two countries Vagobond has most recently featured, but if you click on them you’ll find that there are many more in just about every language you can think of. Free. No charge. No signups. Learn some languages man!

Vagobond has also gone interactive. Readers can submit travel stories, news, or tips. This is Vagobond 2.0

Vagobond is also active on Twitter (@vagobond) and Facebook /vagodamitio), so if you haven’t already, be sure to add Vagobond now.

Finally, if you want to follow Vagobond but you don’t have the time to come here every day, did you know you can subscribe by email? You can choose to have every post instantly or a digest of posts delivered to you daily or weekly.

There’s more coming too! Don’t miss it. Sign up now for the Vagobond Voice and let’s get ready to Vago!