Elementary school teacher, vocal coach and singer Valerie Bastien explains how to overcome vocal challenges in a classroom environment with her new
book Voice Yourself in the Classroom.

Innovative, empowering and meaningful, "Voice Yourself in the Classroom" is the only book to address the teaching community directly by offering solutions to the problem of vocal fatigue so often experienced in the profession.  With comprehensive and effective
strategies in "Voice Yourself in the Classroom" to finding one's natural dynamic speaking voice and maintaining it, teachers not only beautify and solidify their speaking voice, they also improve overall health, quality of life, and teaching abilities putting students right back in the center of education. Warm-up exercises and lesson plans touching on vocal production and classroom management form a winning combo for this amazing classroom resource.

An expert in her field, Valerie Bastien is passionate about teaching, singing and the science of vocal production.  She has found purpose in helping teachers and singers all over the world in their vocal adventures.  Voice is what she knows best and now she is sharing her expertise with you.

Valerie Bastien is available for private consultations, webinars, workshops, voice articles and interviews.  For information on "Voice Yourself in the Classroom" and to inquire about other services, visit: http://valeriebastien.com/VYC%20Press%20Kit.html
or contact us at: voiceyourselfintheclassroom@gmail.com.

"Voice Yourself in the Classroom" is available on Amazon.com.