Valicom is a telecom expense management organization, founded in 1991, offering validation of and control over telecom costs including voice, data, and wireless communications. Our average client saves over 30% on their annual telecom spend.  Valicom offers a full suite of services including:

•     Telecom expense management
•     Wireless expense management
•     Telecom audits
•     Telecom expense management software
•     Wireless Phone Management
•     Wireline Phone Management
•     Telecom Order Managment
•     Telecom Inventory Management
•     Telecom Invoice Processing
•     Invoice Audit & Recovery
•     Contract Negotiation & RFPs
•     Benchmarking
•     Cost Allocation (GL code tracking)

Services are delivered utilizing Clearview, our user-friendly TEM software platform. Clearview can either be used as a web-delivered software-as-a-service or as part of a comprehensive telecom audit outsourcing package.