The Valid Input Network (VINE)
Valid Input is a network of independent outsourcing and virtual assistant companies who are committed to delivering exceptional and quality work to their clients.

The Goals of VINE
The goal of the VINE is to create a reliable and trustworthy directory of quality outsourcing and virtual assistant providers, in order to make it easier for potential clients to effectively select the right provider for their outsourcing needs. We also want to become a valuable marketing tool for our members, and connect them with potential clients. Our members may can use their VINE membership to prove that they are reliable providers who deliver high quality service.

Our Members
Only providers with reviewed client testimonials, certified skills, and verified company information can become VINE members. All information provided by our members is being independently checked. VINE members have to follow a strict Quality Policy and Code of Conduct. The VINE team regularly, and without prior notice, checks the quality of our members' work, to ensure only the best and most reliable companies are members of the Valid Input Network.

Quality Standards & Quality Control
Every applicant must provide VINE with proof of identity, certificates of incorporation (if applicable), as well as proof of their expertise (university degree certificates, etc.). Further, upon application, potential members must provide us with at least three former client contacts. References are checked and verified, as in-depth interviews are conducted to confirm the testimonials. Additionally, our team performs unannounced quality checks by requesting project plans and estimates, and interviews members in order to test general language and administrations skills. We also regularly contact members' recent clients for testimonials. Failure to meet the quality standards of VINE results in the exclusion from the network.