Founded in 1994, by William Rendina, Valor Systems has developed and implemented Incident Management Systems throughout the United States and around the globe. The company spent over 24 months in the research and development stage before delivering its first generation of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). Sales and installations began in late 1995. With the initial acceptance of Valor CAD, the company expanded its software engineering department to design an integrated RMS (Records Management System) with the best price/performance value for public safety agencies and corporate security operations in large corporate environments.      

Using solutions that are scalable to meet the needs of customers of all sizes, Valor Systems has implemented both small agency, and statewide, CAD and Records systems throughout the United States including New Hampshire Department of Safety Statewide 911 and New Hampshire State Police, New York State Police Headquarters, Rhode Island Statewide 911, as well as various other customers in California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin. Fortune 500 customers have implemented Valor Incident Management System (Valor IMS) in a multi-national safety and security model.

Valor has successfully implemented, sustained, and even expanded solutions among various operations within our public safety and corporate customers. Valor IMS has evolved from silo CAD and Records Management applications, to one seamless Incident Management System, capable of extending incident data and mass notifications to first responders and security personnel, utilizing smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Valor Patrol serves law enforcement agencies with State-specific Incident Reporting, enabling all agencies to automate their records even if they are dispatched out of a central Public Safety Answering Point. Valor Secure extends Valor’s public safety experience into the corporate security and safety model for real-time dispatch and reporting needs.      

Valor is honored to provide solutions for the U.S. Navy throughout Regions Outside Continental United States. Current projects also include a U.S. Airforce base.