Value Transformation LLC has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in product development. This experience is largely focused upon software, specifically embedded products, and the manufacturing of those products. We have significant amount of experience in the automotive and vehicle industries. Some of the companies for which the members have worked are listed below. Value Transformation personnel are geographically distributed, we make use of connectivity tools to provide an advantage.

Value Transformation provides coaching for your managers and key technical staff in specific product or project management areas including Scrum or on specific projects to grow the talent and improve the outcomes along the way.

Quick Problem Solving
Quick problem solving is like consulting work, however these are less scheduled and more subject to needs as a circumstance presents itself. These are process failures or product failures from which root cause and quick recovery are necessary.

Value Transformation LLC offers a variety of training approaches to developing your team. In all instances concrete objectives are identified.

Value Transformation LLC will work along side your staff to assist with analysis and generating ideas to solve the problems your team are encountering.