1.  Lots of Eyeballs
More than 10,000 people see your coupon at each station in a month’s time.*  Other advertising companies claim a certain number of people will see your ad, but what they really mean is they deliver that many copies!  In fact, most of the money you spend pays for advertising that goes straight in the trash.

2.  Captive Audience
Our unique dispenser places your coupon directly at eye level – where it can’t be ignored.  Plus, it takes the average person 3 – 5 minutes to fill up!  Given the choice of staring at the gas pump or perusing valuable coupons from local businesses, which one would you choose?

3.  Precise Targeting
Why do some media outlets even claim to offer local advertising?  If most of your current customers live within 10 miles of your business, why would you waste money talking to people 30 miles away?  Whether your target market is your backyard or the next county, ValuPump let’s you choose the gas stations you want.

4.  Take-one-ability
With most advertisements, your message is seen or heard and then the customer leaves.  With ValuPump, potential customers take a coupon that’s the perfect size for their wallet.  Whether you want to generate leads or drive traffic into a store, ValuPump coupons can help you achieve your goal!

5.  Value
There is no other form of media that allows you to target hyper local areas at such a low cost.  Compared to the advertising alternatives (direct mail, community newspapers, radio, TV, billboards), ValuPump delivers results that can’t be beat!

6.  It Works!
What’s the average time someone sees your other ads?  Two seconds?  Why waste the money!  Make sure local customers see your advertising for 3-5 minutes every time they fill up.  When they realize you’re just around the corner, you’ll have a brand new customer!

*Average gas station pumps 108,733 gallons/month according to the National Association of Convenience Stores.  This example assumes average fill-up of 10 gallons.  We do not guarantee a certain number of people will pump gas at any particular station.

**ValuPump is an advertising agency offering local gas pump advertising services in the metro Richmond , Virginia (VA) market.  Additional Virginia (VA) markets will open soon. Other agencies interested in placing ads on our gas pump network should call 1.877.ValuPump.

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