The Vanderbilt Republic (“VR”), established in 2008, is a boutique consultancy formed to catalyze advanced creative/production in all modes.

Born in Brooklyn, VR knows archetype expansion & radical humanity to be forces for justice & generative social reform.

Through our work with pioneering artists, institutions, producers and brands, the agency offers bespoke solutions in immersive creative production, design & direction with innovative projection methodologies.

The aforementioned experiences occur around New York City and at Gowanus Loft. Perched atop the Gowanus Industrial Arts Complex, "GL" is a fully-integrated creative/production canvas & modern partner to pioneering artists, producers and brands.

This diaphanous, production-ready, epic space is suitable for immersive creative productions of every kind. It was established in 2012 in alliance with Ashton Worthington Photography.