About Us

VanDyk Mortgage Corporation was organized in July 1987. During this 22 year history we have serviced thousands of satisfied customers and closed over $4 Billion in mortgage loans.

VanDyk Mortgage Corporation is a Mortgage Banker, not a broker, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We are a direct Lender approved by FannieMae as well as a Direct FHA/VA DE lender. We have a full underwriting department and do all our own "in house" underwriting, closing and funding with no middlemen (brokers) to pay, thus passing the savings to our customers.

We are currently licensed in 30 states and members of: the National Mortgage Brokers Association (NAMB), Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association (MMLA).

Why Us

#1 - Rate Alert* monitoring service
This system could save you thousands of $$$$$!! Our new technology allows us to individually monitor your interest rate on a daily basis and compare it to current rates. When current rates meet your "targeted" interest rate you requested it will automatically notify you and your Loan Advisor by email. You then can make the decision to refinance or take action. See the "rate alert registration" pull down on this website and get signed up! (No cost to you).

#2 - Coupon Offers *– New home purchases receive 10% off at Home Depot and more…..these are worth $$$$$ Thousands to you!!!
Through our affiliates we have negotiated with national retailers such as: Home Depot, Blinds R Us and more…….to offer you (at no additional cost) major discounts just for doing business with us and our industry partners.

#3 Free Refinance* - Customer Loyalty Mortgage - Returning customers' receive a "Free Refi" -
Whether you just closed last month or years ago on a purchased or refinance loan with us we will offer you a no cost, no points, no hassle refinance when you refinance your present loan with us! We know we can offer you the "best home rate" in the future since we already have a complete file and history on you as a past customer with you.

#4 Free Credit Report(s)* every year!
You will receive two (2) free credit reports every year if you wish! For as long as you have a mortgage that we originated (regardless of who is servicing the loan) with us we will, upon your request, order you a "current" single merge credit report credit report "free of charge". All you do is call your Loan Advisor (or our corporate office) and we'll order your current report for you! Add this to the annual credit report you are entitled to by law from the repositories and you will receive "Two (2)" free reports every year!

#5 Skip a Payment* Policy
Every time we close a loan with you our closing policy is to allow you to "skip a payment"!!! You are not reducing you over all interest charges however you are pushing back your next monthly mortgage payment off to the end of your mortgage loan. By making this payment at the end of the mortgage you will pay it back with "inflated dollars".

#6 Security – we have been in business since 1987 and intend to be here in the future for you.
*See "Program Rules, Regulations & Procedures" section for complete details.