Vanguarde Consulting is a leading provider of entrepreneurial training, events, and marketing solutions for small business innovation.

We maintain an unwavering focus on continually identifying best business practices for growth and profits across industries. With University partnerships both in the US and abroad, Vanguarde's enhanced training and support programs are all designed to support the development of your small business for long-term sustainability.

What we do              
Vanguarde identifies best business practices in the areas of marketing, operations, and finance across both product & service industries.We then makes these insights available to audiences of entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to validate, launch, and scale their respective business models.

How we do it          
Vanguarde cultivates entrepreneurial leadership by leading innovation exchange networks (both domestic and abroad), facilitating monthly business workshops and courses, and hosting collaborative small business forums with moderated discussions.

Why we do it
We bridge the gap between the way entrepreneurs start and manage their business because we believe with the right access to relevant technical and strategic intelligence they can indeed run and "do their business better"