Vanguard Networks offers a portfolio of multiservice access gateways and IP routers for service providers and enterprises. With full routing capabilities, enterprise-class integrated security, proven VoIP services, switching capacity, and rich protocol support, the Vanguard Access Services Gateway replaces several single-purpose network devices and delivers a flexible and cost-effective network infrastructure.

The Vanguard ASG Series enables “real world” enterprise voice and data convergence through a complete set of QoS features and support for analog, digital, and IP phones. Intelligent multi-link load balancing, alternate link back up and PSTN telephony survivability meet the new imperatives of business continuity that enterprises demand.
Our Mission

Vanguard Networks provides unrivalled product and services flexibility, enabling service providers and enterprise customers to accelerate services time-to-market and “take control of their network costs”.

The collaborative work of Vanguard Networks and its worldwide partners is one of the keys of the company’s success. Alliance partnerships are structured to deliver Vanguard Networks’ innovative products, product support, and services to our customers and our partners' customers.

Based on over 40 years of experience and innovation in the networking industry, trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide and some of the largest networks implemented in the US, Vanguard Networks represents a credible choice for customers. The company has gained expertise in creating customized network solutions for enterprises vertical markets such as Finance, Retail, and Government as well as for those service providers with specialty solutions that allow them to better position their offerings to their customers. Tying all of Vanguard Networks' network solutions together is a set of world-class services capabilities. From staging and configuration to provisioning and deploying complex, large networks, Vanguard Networks can significantly speed up deployment and reduce your operational cost. Our in-depth expertise of the multiple technologies integrated in our router portfolio allows us to support promptly and cost-effectively your network, augmenting your resources or allowing redeployment to other more critical tasks.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Vanguard Networks entered the networking industry as Codex Corporation in 1962. The founders applied innovations that were pioneered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the first high-speed data modem. In 1977, the firm became a subsidiary of Motorola, and in 2001 this division was acquired by Platinum Equity and renamed Vanguard Managed Solutions. In 2005, Vanguard Networks was created to focus specifically on the development and support of multiservice access gateways and IP routers.

Founded in 1995, Platinum Equity specializes in acquiring and operating businesses throughout the world. With a portfolio comprised of 25 businesses, with over 50,000 employees and $13.5 billion revenue, Platinum Equity was ranked by Forbes magazine as #19 among America’s largest private companies.