Vantage Share is a strategic leader of e-commerce operation and e-commerce marketing services, dedicated to generating high volume and high quality sales through a network of online storefronts by effectively connecting consumers to specialty and niche products online. We are experts at fostering the creation and growth of engaging internet marketing campaigns through a well diversified group of partners and online advertising channels.

Our expertise lies in our diverse and talented team, our industry experience and leadership, and our proprietary process and software, refined through many successful deployments. Our approach starts with a commitment to understanding the distinctive positioning of each vertical and exposing the qualities of our products to receptive audiences through industry-leading analytic based processes. Dedicated to discovering both consumer and industry needs, and always striving to fill them,  Vantage Share’s combination of creativity, technical know-how, and dedication to providing unmatched implementation of Internet strategies and techniques has made us a leader in today’s e-commerce and e-commerce marketing landscape.

No matter the vertical, we combine multiple forms of research and web analytics to structure comprehensive, integrated interactive marketing strategies for our projects. Along the way, we ensure that we become experts at the verticals we enter, the consumers we serve, and the markets in which they shop.