We are business consultancy and Industry Advisers for the Vape Market. We offer everything to help Vape Stores begin, grow, brand and market their locations.

The expression of those in the Vape industry that always comes up is, “this is like the ‘Wild, Wild West!” And it’s true. Unregulated, filled with gun-slingers and con men, everyone vying for what seems to be a captive and limited market. RELAX! This is a world of Abundance and there are opportunities for all. AND this is not our first rodeo as we have been through past versions of the Wild, Wild West in the world of real estate, the dot.com bubble, and the mortgage meltdown. We’ve been there and see the danger signs to keep you out of trouble.

Led by Vape Industry Adviser, Norm Bour, a published author, columnist and Outside the Box consultant, VapeMentorS works with CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke free Alternative Assn.), plus we understand how to work with City Hall and regulators. Did you know that many cities are limiting Vape stores or restricting outside, public Vape smoking?? We’re active in that area and working with political leaders and cities to overcome their misconceptions. Learn how to navigate the “slippery slope” of city restrictions!

Norm is experienced in Community Development and is an expert in working with cities, chambers of commerce, nonprofits and associations and has seen it all! Ironically about 80% of all businesses are the same, but it’s the 20% that make you different. Over the years we have helped grow hundreds of businesses by specializing in “Competitive Positioning,” and identifying “what makes you unique.”

Whether you are launching your first store or are an experienced entrepreneur, you must understand How to Be Distinctive. The added challenge is that there is no road map to follow since the industry is so new. If you look at the average age and experience level and profile of the average Vape Shop owners, there is cause for concern. That’s OK, our Mentorship programs will help!

Our team also includes one of the preeminent Business Plan Builders and Coaches, offering Custom Business Planning and Solutions,  plus we offer programs from inexpensive Go It Yourself (DIY) to one:one coaching and comprehensive business plan packages. And it doesn’t matter where you operate your business. We have clients throughout the United States and are expanding our training team internationally.

We offer the following Three FREE e-reports to help you get an overview or understand the industry better with more coming soon:

   “Starting, Growing, Branding and Maximizing your Vape Store Potential”
   “Top SEVEN questions to ask before you open your Vape store”
   “FIVE ways to dominate your Vapor market”
   coming soon:
       The Missing Ingredient in the Vape Industry: Customer Service
       How to Franchise, License, and Expand your Vape Dynasty!