vapes4you offers quality personal vapourisers (e-Cigarettes also called Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or ENDS for short), e-liquids and accessories as an healthier alternative to smoking (harm reduction substitute).
Featured Products ]

e-pipe A very high quality e-pipe that gives huge amounts of vapour. This e-pipe has a clever 3 piece design. Altogether it looks, feels and performs like a real pipe.


v4u Ego CE4 Starter Kit A convenient and easy to use 2 piece personal vapouriser (e-cigarette). Ideal for light to heavy smokers.

The v4u eGo will satisfy both the chemical need for nicotine and the psychological need to hold an object to inhale and exhale. It is the perfect vaping device that will keep the heaviest smoker satisfied.
In terms of reliability, performance, simplicity, value and satisfaction this is by far the most popular model (eGo CE4) currently on the market world-wide.


 v4u eGo CE4 'Try Me' Kit This is the cut-down version of the v4u eGo CE4 starter kit to make it possible to try the v4u eGo Starter Kit at a low price...


v4u e-Shisha This is the first electronic shisha starter kit in the world. 

v4u Shisha is the perfect e-shisha (also known as e-hookah) which gives a huge amount of vapour and excellent taste. 
Variable Voltage batteries provide control over the battery when vaping. Low voltage provides less vapour. High voltage means more vapour. You can basically adjust the amount you want as and when you want for a more pleasurable vaping experience.

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