Vault Technology Services Ltd. protects major corporations, financial and government institiutions against the risk of information technology interruptions, system failure or data loss with the Data Continuity Centre located in the rock of Gibraltar.  International organisations seeking political and financial  advantaged locations for data storage and transactions find Gibraltar also offers tax benefits and future growth.  

Built to each client's specifications, the 3,000 sq meters contain 80 rooms of technical space  and is able to withstand a direct aerial blast.  The facility houses its three independent power sources and pumps its own filtered air.  With the ability to generate its own power for 30 days, the location forms an inherent physically secure unit supplemented by 24 hour managed security, to include a concentric physical security package with biometric controls.  

All services are N+1 redundancy which ensures failure of any one component will not impact the systems integrity and should continue to function without service interruprtion.  

The Vault complies to ISO 27001, an information Security Management program which brings information security under explicit management control and can therefore be formally audited and certified compliant with the standard.  

All clients rooms and services are completely independent.  Actions of one have no effect upon other clients' operation.  The continual process of review and assessment verify the system is working as designed; determines where improvements can be made; corrects or prevents further problems once identified.

Vault Technology Services provides data security, continuity and anonymity.